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  • The contemporary Sport Boat model by Hacker Boat Company

    Hacker Boat Company

    Hacker Boat Company

    With a history stretching over a hundred years, the Hacker Boat Company, http://www.hackerboat.com continues to craft the worlds finest mahogany boats. Hacker-Craft are wonderful reminders of a simpler time, when American craftsmanship was second to none. And remains so today.

    Our designs carry on the legacy of John L. Hacker, famed America navel architect. Since the 1930’s these celebrated boats have been aptly named “The Steinway of Runabouts.” Hacker-Crafts have exhilarated captains of industry, celebrities, Gold Cup racers and boating enthusiasts.

    Hacker-Craft are hand built in America with some of the world’s finest mahoganies and materials available. Some of our boats look like early Hacker-Craft above the waterline, but dramatic improvements have been made throughout, thanks to improved modern boat building techniques and materials. Hacker-Craft are fully prepared for salt water use. Tougher modern finishes require minimal maintenance.

    Hacker Boat Company standard models include Runabouts, Sport motor boats and Gentlemen’s racers. We also build custom designed boats, including yacht tenders, for some of the worlds largest and most beautiful yachts.

    Our boats have been names by Forbes magazine as being ’50 of America’s Best” products. the Neiman Marcus Edition Hacker-Craft was included as a “fantasy gift”, in the famous Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog; the boat was later featured on the NBC Today Show. Hacker-Craft have been seen in television commercials and catalogs for some of the worlds leading brands.

    A Hacker-Craft is built for hard use; taken care of, it can be a boat for a lifetime, or through generations. A Hacker-Craft is never out of style…

    Sierra Boat Company has been named the exclusive agent for Hacker-Craft boat on Lake Tahoe. These boats have been hugely popular with our clientele and our service operation is well equipped to take care of the proper care and maintenance of these boats, http://sierraboat.com/services/. We frequently have a supply of well-maintained used boats or would be happy to assist you in the purchase of a new model.

    • Year : New and Used
    • Price :
    • Builder : Hacker Boat Co.
    • Length : 27-30
    • Trailer :
    • Model : Sport 27 and 30

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  • Stephens Launch

    Oski III 1924 Stephens 30ft Coaching Launch – SOLD


    Oski III 1924 Stephens 30ft Coaching Launch – SOLD


    Oski III is a 1924 Stephens 30ft Coaching Launch.

    The Oski III will always hold a special place in the hearts of many Cal Berkeley alumni.  Built in 1924 by Stephens Brothers Boat Builders and Designers in Stockton, California, Oski III was a custom commission by Cal Crew coaching legend Ky Ebright.  She was named after one of the campus’ oldest yells, “Oski Wow Wow, Whiskey Wee Wee, California Wow” and served as Ky’s training yacht for Cal crews for 32 years, including three Olympics at which Cal crews won gold medals.  She was crated up and shipped to Europe by ocean liner for the Amsterdam Olympics in 1928 and again for the London Olympics in 1948.

    Oski III was designed to give the coach privacy in the cockpit and was built to potentially retrieve an additional 9-person crew in the event their shell was swamped.  After Ky Ebright retired in 1959, Jim Lemmon assumed coaching responsibilities and continued using Oski III for an additional 7 years before she was officially retired.  Sold by the University in 1968 and abandoned on a mudflat by the new owner in 1983, few who saw Oski III during that period would have ever imagined that she could be restored to her former glory.  After numerous renovations, Oski III is once again the beauty she was during Ky Ebright’s time.

    • ID: OSKI III
    • Year: 1924
    • Builder: Stephens
    • Model: Launch
    • Length: 30ft
    • Engine: Scripps 4 Cylinder
    • Trailer:
    • Price: $69,000.00
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