Dry Storage

    Dry storage season is from Fall to Spring. Boats in storage cannot be moved during this period without prior agreement.
    DRY STORAGE OF BOATIncludes launching boat in Spring, lifting out in Fall and battery charging all winter. Overall length including outdrive and/or swim platform.
    Tier 1Up to 25' in length : Up to 10' in height$97.00 per foot
    Tier 225' in length or greater : Up to 10' in height$99.00 per foot
    Tier 325' in length or greater : 10' height or greater$105.00 per foot
    TRAILER STORAGEOutdoor storage only$400.00
    TEMPORARY STORAGEIn-house customers only.
    $300.00 Each Way
    Bimini or ski tower lowering or removing – prep for storage (Spring re-installation included).
    MONTHLY DRY STORAGE:Summer seasonal months only. $25 per day.$250.00


        15 minute minimum$125.00/hr


            15 minute minimum$110.00/hr

                SERVICE BOAT

                Port to port. In house customers only.
                On lake service & towing, includes boat and employee.

                    SERVICE TRUCK

                    In house customers only.

                    Land service & towing, includes truck and employee.

                        BATTERY CHARGE OR BATTERY JUMP

                        Minimum labor$30.00

                            OIL & FILTER CHANGE –

                            Per Engine$175.00
                            Flat rate labor + parts + disposal feeLarge enginesTime & Material
                            Oil filter – depending on manufacture of engine.Per filter$12.50 - $20.50
                            30wt oilPer quart$7.70
                            Catalyst safe oilPer quart$8.00

                                DISPOSAL CHARGES

                                Oil change disposal feePer engine$35.00
                                Oil disposalPer quart$3.00
                                Contaminated bilge water & wastePer gallon$5.00
                                Old or contaminated fuel disposalPer gallon$6.00
                                Absorbent pad disposalPer pad$3.00

                                    ACTIVATION OR WINTERIZATION

                                    Single Engine$250.00
                                    Additional charges apply on activation and winterization
                                    for toilets, fresh water systems & generators.
                                    Post 2000 Ski Boat or Large Engine$350.00
                                    Winterization cost does not include fogging oil,
                                    antifreeze and fuel additive.
                                    Twin Engines$400.00
                                    Pre 1950’s engines over 400 cubic inchPre 1950’s enginesTime & Material

                                        RUSH ACTIVATION

                                        Boat request card received by Sierra Boat with less than 2 weeks notice.
                                        All categoriesPrice doubled


                                            One way
                                            22’ and under$110.00
                                            Over 23’$115.00

                                                GANTRY HOLD

                                                Boat held on belts$125.00

                                                    BOTTOM WASH

                                                    Pressure wash & scrub. Haul out charges not included.
                                                    22’ or less$100.00
                                                    23’ and above$125.00

                                                        SEASONAL SLIP/BUOY RATES

                                                        For the entire summer season (May 15th- October 1st) & includes concierge service (cover and uncover and wipe down boat as requested).
                                                        Regular SlipEntire summer season$6,000.00
                                                        Regular Covered SlipEntire summer season$6,800.00
                                                        Large SlipEntire summer season$7,000.00
                                                        Large Covered SlipEntire summer season$7,200.00
                                                        Extra Large Covered SlipEntire summer season$9,500.00
                                                        Buoy3 month minimum$1,200.00/month

                                                            SLIP RATES

                                                            Based on slip length.
                                                            Daily SlipPer day$200.00
                                                            Weekly SlipPer week$800.00
                                                            Regular SlipPer month$1,500.00
                                                            Regular Covered SlipPer month$1,800.00
                                                            Large SlipPer month$2,050.00
                                                            Large Covered SlipPer month$2,300.00
                                                            Extra Large Covered SlipPer month$2,800.00
                                                            Soaking Slip – Includes daily pumping and come-a-long adjustments.
                                                            Per day$200.00
                                                            Buoy3 month minimum$1,200.00/month