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Launches. The launch type craft represents boats typically built in the teens and twenties. They were the first gasoline engined powerboats on the water and were constructed quite differently than later boats. For one, these are usually displacement hulls, meaning they push water rather than “planing” on the surface. Displacement hulls are limited to certain hull speeds, with longer boats being capable of higher speeds than shorter boats. Typically, they move at a modest 15 to 20 MPH. They are usually constructed like large canoes, with rounded bottoms and narrow hulls. They are great on protected waters and were speed is not an issue. Typical lay outs are and open cockpit with the engine housed in front of the boat, under a long, elegant deck.

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  • 1916 Lawley 37ft Vee Bottom Launch

    1916 Lawley 37ft Vee Bottom Launch


    1916 Lawley 37ft Vee Bottom Launch


    This is a very rare 1916 Lawley 37ft Vee Bottom Launch.

    Miami is an historical boat that was custom built by Lawley for Carl Fisher. Mr. Fisher was an American Entrepreneur and among many other things the main real estate developer of Miami Beach. Fisher needed a comfortable fast cruiser for his new playground and turned to the Lawley Boat Company to build him his custom boat.

    Miami was used in Florida and her name is a tribute to that history. Carl Fisher then sold it and shipped it to Michigan where it was used and loved for many years. The Michigan owner knew that a full restoration was due, but the cost prohibited him from proceeding. In 1986, Sierra Boat’s manager Dick Clark was shown Miami during one of his annual boat hunting trips and immediately recognized Miami as a boat worthy of a good home and a proper restoration. Miami arrived at Sierra Boat in 1987 and sat until 1990 when her current owner purchased the boat and set about formulating a restoration plan.

    The restoration project took the approach that all visible details would be as faithful as possible, but the powerplant and mechanical systems would be modern. Considering its age at the time, Miami was in remarkable shape. The restoration project started with the hull and continued with the cabin and complete deck replacement. The engine was replaced with a Chrysler 440 V8 to give it the performance needed in Lake Tahoe’s altitude. Miami made her first sea trial on Tahoe in the fall of 1995. In the summer of 1996, she was honored with the best professional restoration award at the Tahoe Concours d’Elegance.

    Miami has been stored and maintained by Sierra Boat since its Tahoe Arrival in 1987. The boat received a brand new cold molded bottom completed in the spring of 2011. All annual maintenance has been kept up with corresponding records. Miami is birthed for the summer months in a slip at Sierra Boat.

    In 1997, Classic Boating did an extensive article on Miami’s history and her 1990-1995 restoration project. Please see the pictures for the scanned version of the article as it goes into great detail. Miami is truly a one of a kind historical boat that is ready for the next chapter of her life!

    For the company history of Lawley & Sons, please click on the link:

    • ID: MIAMI
    • Year: 1916
    • Builder: Lawley
    • Model: Vee Bottom Launch
    • Length: 37ft
    • Engine: Chrysler 440, 330 hp
    • Trailer: None
    • Price: $250,000.00

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  • 1915 Fay & Bowen Launch

    1915 Fay & Bowen 27ft Launch – MAKE AN OFFER!

    1915 Fay & Bowen 27ft Launch – MAKE AN OFFER!

    1915 Fay & Bowen Launch

    This is an early model, hull number 588. It is a very original boat. The decks are new, but it is believed that the rest of the boat is all original including the bottom. The boat is powered by a very rare original Fay & Bowen model LC-41 with 27 hp. This boat is in fine shape cosmetically and runs well with the original engine. As with all boats of this construction type, butted planks with no battens, it takes weeks to soak up the original bottom. It is due for a new bottom and a buyer needs to be aware that this work should be done prior to use.  Seller is looking for someone to take on this project and is willing to hear any offers!

    • ID: GIGI
    • Year: 1915
    • Builder: Fay & Bowen
    • Model: Launch
    • Length: 27ft
    • Engine: Fay & Bowen LC-41, 27 hp
    • Trailer: None
    • Price: Make An Offer

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  1. Hey Mac . Congratulations.
    I would like more info on Chris craft if you get a chance .Also are there any Chris Craft boat shows coming soon

  2. I have a 22.6′ boat. What is your fees for Winter Boat Storage? What days does it cover? What additional fees are there (e.g. winterizing/summerizing)? Do you have availability for winter 2021-22? If not, the following year?

  3. Hello, My name is Michael Aberle and I have a 1962 Chris Craft Holiday 20ft. The boat is in good condition and I have some motor work done this last year, but I would like to see what the cost would be to have you complete the restoration. I have her in California now. Could we sort up a zoom or FaceTime call to review the boat and get an estimate.