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New Wooden Boats

These are New Wooden Boats. Not all wooden boats are old. This sections features newly manufactured boats from Hacker-Craft of Silver Bay, NY and Comitti boats from lake Como Italy.

These boats both use thoroughly modern construction techniques using marine ply woods and epoxy in their construction. This make for very strong and stable hulls that don’t have the inherent movement problems found in traditional hulls. While any varnished boat will require periodic re-coating, the lack of seam movement greatly reduces maintenance.

Also modern are the bottom shape , which feature soft riding, deep vee designs. Powerful engines make them perform as well as any fiberglass boat.

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  • 2005 Comitti Portofino 25

    2005 Comitti 25ft Portofino


    2005 Comitti 25ft Portofino


    2005 Comitti 25ft Portofino

    In business since 1956, Comitti is a small company in northern Italy nestled in the foothills beside the beautiful waters of Lake Como. It is the sole remaining Italian shipyard with a modern production facility and a growing business building wooden runabouts. The Italian tradition of fine craftsmanship and classically modern design is evident in each boat.

    Thanks to the finest materials and traditional construction methods, Comitti runabouts are produced for connoisseurs and represent the pinnacle of Italian boat-building tradition.

    Founded by Mario Comitti, the company was later managed by Mario’s son Elia, until 2003 when a new management took over the ownership of the yard. In the last 15 years it has introduced several new models. Today, Comitti builds semi-custom 100% wood construction runabouts in two lengths – SANREMO 22’ and PORTOFINO 25’ – plus the VENEZIA wood-fiberglass composite runabouts of 22, 25, 28, 31 and 34 feet.  For more information on Comitti Boats, see:

    This 2005 Comitti 25ft Portofino was delivered new to Lake Tahoe in the summer of 2005. It is being sold by the original owner and has always been stored and maintained by Sierra Boat. Comitti boats, while crafted in wood, are as modern as any fiberglass boat. It features a MerCruiser 6.2L MPI fuel injected V-8 engine mated to a Bravo 3 duo-prop drive, which gives it enhanced maneuverability. The construction is laminated wood and epoxy for exceptional durability. It is finished with a high UV acrylic urethane finish, which is long lasting and can be polished. This boat has been re-spayed with new finish since new.

    With a style that is typical of Italian boats, the Portofino has a comfortable stern lounge for sunbathing. A built-in stern platform with ladder is ideal for swimming and watersports.

    • ID: ZELDA
    • Year: 2005
    • Builder: Comitti
    • Model: Portofino
    • Length: 25ft
    • Engine: MerCruiser 6.2L MPI, 300 hp
    • Trailer: None
    • Price: $125,000.00
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  • 2013 Hacker Craft 30ft Sport – SALE PENDING


    2013 Hacker Craft 30ft Sport – SALE PENDING


    2013 Hacker-Craft 30ft Sport

    Hacker-Craft boats are known all over the world for their fine craftsmanship and sleek V-bottom design which allows greater speed at lower horsepower. Founded in Detroit by John Ludwig Hacker, Hacker-Craft has been a part of the wood boat scene for over 100 years. Today, in the small Lake George village of Silver Bay, in upstate New York, Hacker Crafts are still being built, every one of them by hand just as they were in the 1920s. They are in fact being built better than they were in the past. The new Hacker Boat Company offers reproductions of the original Hacker designs, augmented with the latest advances in boat-building technology. The current Hacker Crafts are faithfully built by hand, just as their predecessors were. By combining advanced building technologies with the best of John Hacker’s original designs, Hacker Craft has succeeded in making the new Hacker the ultimate in runabouts.

    Hacker-Crafts feature modern all epoxy glued construction. This means that they do not need to soak up to float. It also means they are a much stronger boat and seam movement is virtually eliminated. Another main feature is the modern deep vee hull for an excellent ride in rough waters.

    This 2013 Hacker Craft 30ft Sport is powered by a Mercury Maine 8.2L HO with 425 hp. The engine has 308.0 fresh water only engine hours. That is only 38.5 hours of use each year! This boat features; a bow thruster for easy maneuverability, a sun pad over the engine hatch, transom steps, depth finder, premium Fusion stereo system, teak swim platform with ladder, bimini top, cockpit fill-in cushions, and much more.

    Hacker Crafts makes custom cast with solid stainless fittings that are exquisite. The joiner and varnish work are unsurpassed by any other builder in the world. The upholstery is furnished for unmatched comfort. The ride is stately and handling superb. They are, indeed, a possession of which to be proud of!

    • Year: 2013
    • Builder: Hacker Craft
    • Model: Sport
    • Length: 30ft
    • Engine: Mercury Marine 8.2L HO, 425 hp
    • Trailer: 2013 Loadmaster, dual axle
    • Price: $307,000.00
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  • 2015 Pedrazzini Special 34

    2015 Pedrazzini 34ft Special


    2015 Pedrazzini 34ft Special


    This is a very rare 2015 Pedrazzini 34ft Special.

    Pedrazzini makes boats that harmoniously blend Mediterranean allure and Swiss precision with the elegant design of the 1950s. They are crafted from the most exquisite materials with great skill and extreme patience. Pedrazzini has been committed to the art of boatbuilding for over 100 years. As in the good old days, the company’s mahogany runabouts are crafted by hand. Step by step, the individual elements are meticulously finished and assembled. It can take up to nine months to complete a single runabout. Each boat that leaves the yard reflects Pedrazzini’s dedication to quality, attention to detail, and flair for timelessly elegant styling.

    The Special runabout is the most elegant way for mahogany to caress water. With its 34ft in length, the Special is Pedrazzini’s largest runabout. It is a majestic craft that accelerates with power and poise. The Special V-shaped hull assures sensational handling. This runabout tracks true even at high speeds and in the tightest of turns. A rich complement of appealing and carefully crafted amenities creates an exclusive on-board ambiance.

    The Pedrazzini featured here was purchased new by the owner and was shipped from Switzerland. It has only been used on Lake Tahoe and has only been serviced by Sierra Boat Company. Like the more famous Riva Aquarama, the Pedrazzini Special is a highly crafted mahogany boat that is perfectly suited for Lake Tahoe.

    A video from Pedrazzini showing their boats in action!

    Pedrazzini Special brochure:

    • Year: 2015
    • Builder: Pedrazzini
    • Model: Special
    • Length: 34ft
    • Engine: Twin MerCrusier 8.2L DTS
    • Trailer: None
    • Price: $525,000.00
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  • Comitti Boats

    Comitti Boats

    Comitti Boats, long known in Europe for building the highest quality wooden and composite speedboats, Comitti S.p.A., in business since 1956 on the shores of Lake Como, deserves a close look by powerboat and yacht enthusiasts. Currently building six models from 6.5 to 10.5 meters in length with gasoline or diesel power from Mercruiser and Volvo, Comitti carefully manages its production volume to build the highest quality artisan-crafted speedboats in Italy. With designs inspired by the timeless style of La Dolce Vita, “the sweet life“, Comitti uses state of the art composite and wood boat building methods to produce a strong, lightweight, stunningly beautiful vessel that will last a lifetime with minimal annual maintenance.

    (History) In 1956, Mario Comitti began building high-speed motorboats on Lake Como.  His boats were at the forefront of experimental design and expressed the Italian passion for speed. Mario Comitti son, Elia, raced the boats and built their reputation as he won race after race.  Racing designs evolved and gained elegance along the way.  Design of the hull running surface, which had begun relatively flat, was the focus of much development.  A new Comitti “V” shape evolved, which resulted in better rough water handling while providing an ideal wake for water skiing. Signature down angle lift strakes on the running surface increase speed, improve handling and provide a dry ride.

    For more information on Comitti Boats, go to

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  • The contemporary Sport Boat model by Hacker Boat Company

    Hacker Boat Company

    Hacker Boat Company

    With a history stretching over a hundred years, the Hacker Boat Company, continues to craft the worlds finest mahogany boats. Hacker-Craft are wonderful reminders of a simpler time, when American craftsmanship was second to none. And remains so today.

    Our designs carry on the legacy of John L. Hacker, famed America navel architect. Since the 1930’s these celebrated boats have been aptly named “The Steinway of Runabouts.” Hacker-Crafts have exhilarated captains of industry, celebrities, Gold Cup racers and boating enthusiasts.

    Hacker-Craft are hand built in America with some of the world’s finest mahoganies and materials available. Some of our boats look like early Hacker-Craft above the waterline, but dramatic improvements have been made throughout, thanks to improved modern boat building techniques and materials. Hacker-Craft are fully prepared for salt water use. Tougher modern finishes require minimal maintenance.

    Hacker Boat Company standard models include Runabouts, Sport motor boats and Gentlemen’s racers. We also build custom designed boats, including yacht tenders, for some of the worlds largest and most beautiful yachts.

    Our boats have been names by Forbes magazine as being ’50 of America’s Best” products. the Neiman Marcus Edition Hacker-Craft was included as a “fantasy gift”, in the famous Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog; the boat was later featured on the NBC Today Show. Hacker-Craft have been seen in television commercials and catalogs for some of the worlds leading brands.

    A Hacker-Craft is built for hard use; taken care of, it can be a boat for a lifetime, or through generations. A Hacker-Craft is never out of style…

    Sierra Boat Company has been named the exclusive agent for Hacker-Craft boat on Lake Tahoe. These boats have been hugely popular with our clientele and our service operation is well equipped to take care of the proper care and maintenance of these boats, We frequently have a supply of well-maintained used boats or would be happy to assist you in the purchase of a new model.

    • Year : New and Used
    • Price :
    • Builder : Hacker Boat Co.
    • Length : 27-30
    • Trailer :
    • Model : Sport 27 and 30

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