Indoor Boat
Storage Facility

Sierra Boat has indoor boat storage facilities for over 450 boats. We have ample space for boats up to 22’ and limited space for larger boats. We always give priority storage to wooden boat owners.

Before boats are put in to winter storage, they are fully prepared for layup. We usually start with an oil change followed by the addition of fuel stabilizer and the fogging of the engine. Fogging or pickling, puts a coating of oil over all of the combustion components which includes cylinders and valves. This ensures that during long term storage, surface rust does not erode engine components. The engine is then drained of all cooling water and is fully inventoried for contents stored in the boat.

Once racked, the boat is then double checked to make sure it was properly drained. Finally we cover the boats and map their location.

When the boat comes out of storage, we activate the engine and go through a check list to make sure critical components are functional such as bilge pumps and lights. We then give the boat a water test to make sure it is performing properly before we release it to the customer. If any problems are encountered, the customer is notified so repairs can be made. This process ensures that our clients receive a trouble free boat upon pickup.


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