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  • Gar Wood 25ft Triple Cockpit

    1937 Gar Wood 25ft Triple Cockpit


    1937 Gar Wood 25ft Triple Cockpit


    1937 Gar Wood 25ft Triple Cockpit.

    In 1937 Gar Wood built 267 boats, about 100 more than any other year in the 1930s. Midnight Thunder, formerly Triple Time, is one of only nine 25ft runabouts built in 1937, and one of only three 25-footers equipped with the largest engine option, the Scripps 302 V-12. The favored formula for making speedboats go fast in the 1920s and ’30s included a large displacement and low rpm power plant spinning a large propeller. The Scripps V-12 engine, model 302, original to this boat, is no exception to that formula. With a cylinder bore of 4.25 inches and a stroke of 5.25 inches, the displacement totals 894 cubic inches. The engine was said to produce 316 hp at 2,600 rpm.

    Midnight Thunder is in excellent condition. From the original Scripps V-12 engine to the period correct original pattern and color leather upholstery. A restoration was completed from 2002-2003 with wood work by Armstrong Boat Works, of Skaneateles, New York, and the engine restoration was completed by noted Scripps specialist George Shinn. The entire bottom of the boat was replaced at this time, including keel, chines, frames, and bottom planking, following Gar Wood specifications. In order to insure reliability and durability, the Scripps engine and transmission were tuned by the experts at Freedom Engine Service in the summer of 2010.

    This boat then arrived at Sierra Boat in January of 2013 and has been stored and serviced here ever since. The boat was inspected by Sierra Boat from stem to stern for the Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elgance Boat Show judging. From that inspection a few items were address for the shows with the largest item being new flooring. The engine was set up and tuned for Lake Tahoe’s high-altitude boating and a custom full waterline cover was made. In 2014 the boat was fully restored including deck, hull sides and transom. At this time the name was changed from “Triple Time” to “Midnight Thunder” in gold leaf. Miscellaneous mechanical items from the judging sheet were addressed as well.

    At the Concours d’Elgance Boat Show in Lake Tahoe, this 1937 Gar Wood 25ft Triple Cockpit won 2014 Best Gar Wood of Show, 2014 Best of Show Over 23ft, 2017 Best in Show, and 2017 Best Engine.

    • Year: 1937
    • Builder: Gar Wood
    • Model: Triple Cockpit
    • Length: 25ft
    • Engine: Scripps 302 V-12
    • Trailer: Custom Dual Axle
    • Price: $298,000.00
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  • Gar Wood

    1941 Gar Wood 25’6” Triple Cockpit Custom Runabout


    1941 Gar Wood 25’6” Triple Cockpit Custom Runabout


    This is a very rare 1941 Gar Wood 25’6’’ Triple Cockpit Custom Runabout.

    Only 35 25-foot Custom Runabouts were ever built by Gar Wood during its 10-year production run from 1932-41. A mere sixteen are known to exist today. Considered by most to be the pinnacle of Gar Wood design, the 1941 models had the most bow flare, the barreled-cutwater design, high-crowned decks and the aft-raked transom, which added 6 inches of length and completed the radical streamlining of the 1941 lineup.

    One of only two 25-foot 6-inch hulls built—both for 1941—it is the last of only five with the huge 316 HP, 894 CI Scripps model 302 V-12 engine. This engine was the top-of-the-line option for the 25-footers, and it pushed the boats to 50 MPH, making it what Gar Wood claimed to be the fastest stock runabout available at the time. It’s price when new in 1941 was a staggering $7,550.

    The 1941 Gar Wood 25-foot 6-inch Custom Runabout featured rich heavy-grained pleated burgundy leather upholstery throughout, with comfortable seating for eight to 10 adult passengers. An abundance of the most beautiful streamlined chromed-brass hardware—which was a Gar Wood trademark—helped make the big, triple–cockpit Gar Woods the boat to own on Lake Tahoe. Though “Hae Dae III”—the name given to the boat by its original owner Herbert Day—was actually delivered new to Newport Beach, California, just after New Years in January 1941, by that summer, it was home at Tahoe, where it was raced in several of the Tahoe Yacht Club events. It won first place in the “Bang and Go Back” race and third place in the Lake Championship Free-For-All Race in both July and August 1941. Hae Dae III was the last 25’6’’ Custom Runabout shipped by Gar Wood.

    Hae Dae III has only had four owners in its lifetime on Lake Tahoe. Tony Brown of Western Runabouts completed a significant preservation restoration in 2002. It has been awarded “Best Gar Wood of Show” at the prestigious Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance twice, in 2002 and 2004.

    • Year: 1941
    • Builder: Gar Wood
    • Model: Triple Cockpit Custom Runabout
    • Length: 25’6’’
    • Engine: Rebuilt Original Scripps 302 CI V-12
    • Trailer: None
    • Price: $250,000.00
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  1. Hey Mac . Congratulations.
    I would like more info on Chris craft if you get a chance .Also are there any Chris Craft boat shows coming soon

  2. I have a 22.6′ boat. What is your fees for Winter Boat Storage? What days does it cover? What additional fees are there (e.g. winterizing/summerizing)? Do you have availability for winter 2021-22? If not, the following year?

  3. Hello, My name is Michael Aberle and I have a 1962 Chris Craft Holiday 20ft. The boat is in good condition and I have some motor work done this last year, but I would like to see what the cost would be to have you complete the restoration. I have her in California now. Could we sort up a zoom or FaceTime call to review the boat and get an estimate.