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  Right at the end of the boating season of 2015 on Lake Tahoe, one of our customers had an unfortunate incident while piloting his Riva Aquarama through the drought stricken waters of the Lake Tahoe.    While running at a moderate speed he impacted a boulder that was just under the surface of the water…(Read More)

Roki II In November of 2015 we began a very involved project of restoring the bottom on 1940’ 20’ GarWood, Roki II.  Roki was involved in a slight mishap when it was banged into by another boat in 2014, in the midst of the repair from the incident it was noticed that there was some…(Read More)

Chris Craft Barrel Back

The first step of the restoration for this Chris Craft Barrel Back is rolling the boat over in order to replace the bottom…(Read More)