• 2003 Stan-Craft Torpedo 2003 Stan-Craft Torpedo
    2003 Stan Craft Torpedo 29
    A fast , custom b
    1946 Glazer E Class Service Runabout
    1946 Glazer E Class Service Runabout. The Immediate post war years, boat racing really took off. The American Powerboat Association ...
    1949 Chris Craft 20 Custom
    1949 Chris Craft 20 Custom. This is hands down one of the finest boats I have listed. It was fully ...
    1929 Chris Craft Custom Commuter 38
    1929 Chris Craft custom Commuter 38. The custom Commuter was Chris Craft’s first cruiser type boat. The commuter name comes ...
    1975 Pedrazzini Super Aquamar 28
      1975 Pedrazzini Super Aquamar 28. Pedrazzini is Swiss made boat. Here is some information from their web site. Pedrazzini ...
    1916 Lawley Vee Bottom Launch 1916 Lawley Vee Bottom Launch
    1916 Lawley Vee Bottom Launch
      1916 Lawley Vee Bottom Launch. Miami is a rare, historical boat, custom built for Carl Fisher by Lawley. Sierra ...
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20 Jun

Summer is here and the Lake is Full!

We had a record winter and it has filled the lake! There is now no excuse not to get out …

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13 Dec

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The Sierra Boat Crew with a 1930 Chris Craft, 38′ …

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20 Sep

ACBS International Boat Show Sept. 23-24

Not doing anything this weekend? Come to Tahoe for The Antique and Classic Boat Society’s International Boat Show. This is …

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27 Apr

1967 Riva 28′ Super Aquarama Bottom Repair.


  Right at the end of the boating season of 2015 on Lake Tahoe, one of our customers had an …

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