Sierra Boat Showroom

Sierra Boat Showroom

We represent some of the finest Antique and Classic boats in North America, along with a small selection of Classic and Contemporary Fiberglass boats. In order to service our clients properly, we highly recommend an appointment so we can schedule sufficient time for viewing the boats we represent. Note, not all the boats listed are on our premises.

Call us at 530-546-2551, e-mail, or use our contact form.

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Our featured boats highlight those boats we consider to be of exceptional quality, rarity, uniqueness or a good value.


Classic and Contemporary fiberglass boats.


These are early style boats which run at slow displacement speeds. The engines are usually forward of a large open cockpit. They are very elegant boats and are best suited for calm water.

Newly Built Boats

These are newly manufactured wooden boats crafted by best builders from around the world.


Italian built Rivas are the epitome of wooden boats. They are finely crafted and a great investment. Their ride, handling and performance is exceptional.


This style boat is typified by bench seats set in cockpits, with the engine compartment housed underneath hatches set in the deck.


This style boat typically has the engine in the center of the boat, covered by a box. This style allows people to walk around in the boat making it very convenient to swim, water ski, fish, etc.