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  • 1916 Lawley 37ft Vee Bottom Launch


    1916 Lawley 37ft Vee Bottom Launch


    This is a very rare 1916 Lawley 37ft Vee Bottom Launch.

    Miami is an historical boat that was custom built by Lawley for Carl Fisher. Mr. Fisher was an American Entrepreneur and among many other things the main real estate developer of Miami Beach. Fisher needed a comfortable fast cruiser for his new playground and turned to the Lawley Boat Company to build him his custom boat.

    Miami was used in Florida and her name is a tribute to that history. Carl Fisher then sold it and shipped it to Michigan where it was used and loved for many years. The Michigan owner knew that a full restoration was due, but the cost prohibited him from proceeding. In 1986, Sierra Boat’s manager Dick Clark was shown Miami during one of his annual boat hunting trips and immediately recognized Miami as a boat worthy of a good home and a proper restoration. Miami arrived at Sierra Boat in 1987 and sat until 1990 when her current owner purchased the boat and set about formulating a restoration plan.

    The restoration project took the approach that all visible details would be as faithful as possible, but the powerplant and mechanical systems would be modern. Considering its age at the time, Miami was in remarkable shape. The restoration project started with the hull and continued with the cabin and complete deck replacement. The engine was replaced with a Chrysler 440 V8 to give it the performance needed in Lake Tahoe’s altitude. Miami made her first sea trial on Tahoe in the fall of 1995. In the summer of 1996, she was honored with the best professional restoration award at the Tahoe Concours d’Elegance.

    Miami has been stored and maintained by Sierra Boat since its Tahoe Arrival in 1987. The boat received a brand new cold molded bottom completed in the spring of 2011. All annual maintenance has been kept up with corresponding records. Miami is birthed for the summer months in a slip at Sierra Boat.

    In 1997, Classic Boating did an extensive article on Miami’s history and her 1990-1995 restoration project. Please see the pictures for the scanned version of the article as it goes into great detail. Miami is truly a one of a kind historical boat that is ready for the next chapter of her life!

    • ID: MIAMI
    • Year: 1916
    • Builder: Lawley
    • Model: Vee Bottom Launch
    • Length: 37ft
    • Engine: Chrysler 440, 330 hp
    • Trailer: None
    • Price: $350,000.00

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  • 1928 Custom Hacker 17ft


    1928 Custom Hacker 17ft


    “Houston Girl” is a 1928 17’ Custom – Hacker 151 Class Pelican single step racing hydroplane.

    This boat is a John Hacker design which ran in the limited 151 displacement class in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s, a support class running with the APBA Gold Cup race series.

    Commodore Henry Faulk of the Houston Yacht Club and President of the Mississippi Valley Power Boat Association had her built. She was campaigned from Havana, Cuba to San Diego, California.

    The Peerless 151 motor was restored by John Allen of Allen’s Marine Engines. John Allen is considered to be one of the top vintage marine engine restorers on the west coast. But not only did John Allen restore the motor for “Houston Girl”, he completed the restoration of the boat and the original vintage trailer too. She was completed in 2010 in time for the Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance in June. “Houston Girl” was awarded the Most Unique Boat of Show and Best Hacker Craft of Show at the prestigious 2010 Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance.

    • Year: 1928
    • Builder: Hacker
    • Model: Custom Single Step Racing Hydroplane
    • Length: 17ft
    • Engine: Peerless 151
    • Trailer: Custom
    • Price: $90,000.00
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  • 1929 Chris Craft 38ft Custom Commuter


    1929 Chris Craft 38ft Custom Commuter


    This is a 1929 Chris Craft 38ft Custom Commuter.

    The Custom Commuter was Chris Craft’s first cruiser type boat. The Commuter name comes from the use of this type of boat to “commute” from Long Island sound to Manhattan. At the time the only boats available were custom built boats and Chris Craft saw an opportunity to build a production boat to fill the demand. 65 examples were built from hull no. 5001 to no. 5065, most of them built in 1929 before the depression killed the demand. Dat-So-La-Lee is number 15 in the series.

    This boat was fully restored in 1991 and has received additional work in later years. Most notably, the bottom was fully replaced with the 5200 style bottom. The engine was changed out to a modern Mercruiser 496, giving the power needed in Lake Tahoe’s altitude. The boat comes with a fully re-built Chris Craft A-120, which was the original engine used before the restoration, but is not the original engine to the boat. The original engines in 1929 were the A-70 engine of a similar design.

    The boat is very original and still has the correct head with a pull-down pull man style sink. The main modification was the conversion of double bunks to a table and benches. Otherwise, every attempt was made to retain originality throughout using the original factory drawings as a guide.

    • Year: 1929
    • Builder: Chris Craft
    • Model: Custom Commuter
    • Length: 38ft
    • Engine: Mercruiser 496 8.1L, 385 hp
    • Trailer: None
    • Price: $295,000.00

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  • 1935 Hutchinson 36ft Commuter Sedan


    1935 Hutchinson 36ft Commuter Sedan


    1935 Hutchinson 36ft Commuter Sedan.

    Hutchinson Brothers Boat Works, Inc. was founded in Alexandria Bay, New York in a rented building in 1902. A true family business, all four Hutchinson brothers (James Herbert, George, Thomas and Joseph) as well as eleven to sixteen other men worked day after day to build exceptionally crafted mahogany planked boats ranging from 19′ utility boats to 48′ runabouts. From 1902 to 1964, it is said that Hutchinson built over 250 boats including houseboats, racing boats, launches, utilities, sedans, cruisers, runabouts and even boats for the war effort, many of their own design but some based off the designs of other famous manufacturers. They remain very tasteful and more exclusive alternatives to some of the more common Hacker and Chris Craft brands, but arguably just as stylish and with craftsmanship second-to-none!

    Columbia is powered by a Mercruiser 8.1S HO with 420 hp. It has an original bottom on it that will soak up. The black sedan top is in excellent condition. The upholstery, deck and hull side varnish, and flooring are in good condition. This sedan commuter has a wonderful inside cabin with a very sociable seating arrangement. It features a driving cockpit in front of the cabin and behind the cabin are two bench seats to enjoy the sun!

    Columbia has been in the care of Sierra Boat Company for more than 30 years. This boat has been maintained properly with all service records available.

    • Year: 1935
    • Builder: Hutchinson
    • Model: Commuter Sedan
    • Length: 36ft
    • Engine: Mercruiser 8.1S HO, 420 hp
    • Trailer: None
    • Price: $315,000.00
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  • 1937 Gar Wood 25ft Triple Cockpit


    1937 Gar Wood 25ft Triple Cockpit


    1937 Gar Wood 25ft Custom Runabout.

    In 1937 Gar Wood built 267 boats, about 100 more than any other year in the 1930s. Midnight Thunder, formerly Triple Time, is one of only nine 25ft runabouts built in 1937, and one of only three 25-footers equipped with the largest engine option, the Scripps 302 V-12. The favored formula for making speedboats go fast in the 1920s and ’30s included a large displacement and low rpm power plant spinning a large propeller. The Scripps V-12 engine, model 302, original to this boat, is no exception to that formula. With a cylinder bore of 4.25 inches and a stroke of 5.25 inches, the displacement totals 894 cubic inches. The engine was said to produce 316 hp at 2,600 rpm.

    Midnight Thunder is in excellent condition. From the original Scripps V-12 engine to the period correct original pattern and color leather upholstery. A restoration was completed from 2002-2003 with wood work by Armstrong Boat Works, of Skaneateles, New York, and the engine restoration was completed by noted Scripps specialist George Shinn. The entire bottom of the boat was replaced at this time, including keel, chines, frames, and bottom planking, following Gar Wood specifications. In order to insure reliability and durability, the Scripps engine and transmission were tuned by the experts at Freedom Engine Service in the summer of 2010.

    This boat then arrived at Sierra Boat in January of 2013 and has been stored and serviced here ever since. The boat was inspected by Sierra Boat from stem to stern for the Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elgance Boat Show judging. From that inspection a few items were address for the shows with the largest item being new flooring. The engine was set up and tuned for Lake Tahoe’s high-altitude boating and a custom full waterline cover was made. In 2014 the boat was fully restored including deck, hull sides and transom. At this time the name was changed from “Triple Time” to “Midnight Thunder” in gold leaf. Miscellaneous mechanical items from the judging sheet were addressed as well.

    At the Concours d’Elgance Boat Show in Lake Tahoe, Midnight Thunder won 2014 Best Gar Wood of Show, 2014 Best of Show Over 23ft, 2017 Best in Show, and 2017 Best Engine.

    • Year: 1937
    • Builder: Gar Wood
    • Model: Triple Cockpit
    • Length: 25ft
    • Engine: Scripps 302 V-12
    • Trailer: Custom Dual Axle
    • Price: $400,000.00
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  • 1938 Chris Craft 25ft Clipper Cruiser


    1938 Chris Craft 25ft Clipper Cruiser


    1938 Chris Craft 25ft Clipper Cruiser.

    Klondike is a prime example of Chris Craft’s twenty-five-foot Clipper Cruiser. They were built from 1937 to 1939 with 353 examples produced. Of over 300 examples built, the owner knows of only 2-3 others and none in original condition. This boat been fully restored to “as-delivered” condition, the result of extensive research and aided by vintage photos and documents obtained through the Mariners Museum. The boat received an extensive restoration in 2009-10, which included a full west system bottom and hull.

    Although it is done to vintage standards, it is a very usable weekend cruiser with sleeping for four, alcohol stove, sink, 15 gal water tank, ice box and porta-potty. It comes on a galvanized Pacific tandem trailer. It also includes a full two-piece canvas cover with tie downs for trailering, period style blankets and director’s chairs.

    Klondike is probably one of the most awarded boats around having garnered 10 top awards at Lake Tahoe and various ACBS international shows around the country. It was the best of show restored at the 2015 ACBS International Show at Gull Lake MN.

    The cost to restore this boat far exceeds the asking price of $59,500.

    • Year: 1938
    • Builder: Chris Craft
    • Model: Clipper Cruiser
    • Length: 25ft
    • Engine: Chris Craft K 85 hp
    • Trailer: 2006 Pacific Tandem
    • Price: $59,500.00

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  • 1941 Gar Wood 25’6” Triple Cockpit Custom Runabout


    1941 Gar Wood 25’6” Triple Cockpit Custom Runabout


    This is a very rare 1941 Gar Wood 25’6’’ Triple Cockpit Custom Runabout.

    Only 35 25-foot Custom Runabouts were ever built by Gar Wood during its 10-year production run from 1932-41. A mere sixteen are known to exist today. Considered by most to be the pinnacle of Gar Wood design, the 1941 models had the most bow flare, the barreled-cutwater design, high-crowned decks and the aft-raked transom, which added 6 inches of length and completed the radical streamlining of the 1941 lineup.

    One of only two 25-foot 6-inch hulls built—both for 1941—it is the last of only five with the huge 316 HP, 894 CI Scripps model 302 V-12 engine. This engine was the top-of-the-line option for the 25-footers, and it pushed the boats to 50 MPH, making it what Gar Wood claimed to be the fastest stock runabout available at the time. It’s price when new in 1941 was a staggering $7,550.

    The 1941 Gar Wood 25-foot 6-inch Custom Runabout featured rich heavy-grained pleated burgundy leather upholstery throughout, with comfortable seating for eight to 10 adult passengers. An abundance of the most beautiful streamlined chromed-brass hardware—which was a Gar Wood trademark—helped make the big, triple–cockpit Gar Woods the boat to own on Lake Tahoe. Though “Hae Dae III”—the name given to the boat by its original owner Herbert Day—was actually delivered new to Newport Beach, California, just after New Years in January 1941, by that summer, it was home at Tahoe, where it was raced in several of the Tahoe Yacht Club events. It won first place in the “Bang and Go Back” race and third place in the Lake Championship Free-For-All Race in both July and August 1941. Hae Dae III was the last 25’6’’ Custom Runabout shipped by Gar Wood.

    Hae Dae III has only had four owners in its lifetime on Lake Tahoe. Tony Brown of Western Runabouts completed a significant preservation restoration in 2002. It has been awarded “Best Gar Wood of Show” at the prestigious Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance twice, in 2002 and 2004.


    • Year: 1941
    • Builder: Gar Wood
    • Model: Triple Cockpit Custom Runabout
    • Length: 25’6’’
    • Engine: Rebuilt Original Scripps 302 CI V-12
    • Trailer: None
    • Price: $325,000.00
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  • 1946 Glazer E Class Service Runabout


    1946 Glazer E Class Service Runabout


    This is a unique 1946 Glazer E Class Service Runabout.

    After the War boat racing really took off. The American Powerboat Association (APBA), had a number of racing classes and among them was the E Class Service Runabout. The rules of this class dictated that the boat be no longer than 16’8″ long, weigh no more than 1,750 lbs., be able to carry a driver and a passenger, and have an engine no larger than 255 Cu In. Typically made of marine plywood these boats could reach speeds of up to 60 mph. This boat is considered a “vintage” racer under APBA rules. For more about this class, go to:

    Baby Live Wires was constructed by John (Pops) Glazer, who was a well-respected builder of small racing boats. Baby Live Wires was raced in its earlier years in Buffalo, NY. The engine features Offenhauser aluminum heads and an Offy intake with duel Stromberg 97’s. It also has a Mallory Unilite Electronic Distributor. It is ready for vintage racing or the show boat circuit.

    In the Spring of 2016, Sierra Boat did extensive mechanical work to Baby Live Wires. The engine was removed, disassembled and resealed. Heads were removed to check for straightness and cylinders were inspected, all looked brand new. New oil pan gasket, intake, copper fuel line and new gauges were installed. Both carbs were rebuilt. The bottom end of the motor and the reverse gear was disassembled and inspected. The old electrical wiring was removed and replaced with new wiring. Everything was reassembled, repainted and done at show quality detail. A fresh coat of varnish went on the deck and hull sides and the sign painting was touched up.

    Baby Live Wires is ready for a showroom or a race!

    • Year: 1946
    • Builder: Glazer
    • Model: E Class Service Runabout
    • Length: 16’8’’
    • Engine: Ford Flat Head V8, 110 hp
    • Trailer: None
    • Price: $52,000.00

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  • 1954 Chris Craft 24ft Holiday


    1954 Chris Craft 24ft Holiday


    1954 Chris Craft 24ft Holiday.

    The large Holiday series started out at 23′. In 1954 they reversed the rake of the transom and gained another foot of length giving the model more interior space. The Holiday was the more upscale model to the basic 22′ Sportsman. It features two toned red and blond stained mahogany and a steeply raked windshield. The interior has plush, deeply upholstered seats and teak flooring. The middle seat was standard for this model. These were the first of the Chris Craft runabouts to feature the “clipper bow” or ‘bullnose” styling to the stem. This feature was adopted for all models in the 1955 model year. While some might confuse this model with the later Continental series, they are a very different boat in all regards. In our experience, they handle and ride much better due to a narrower bottom.

    This example has had extensive restoration work done. Sierra Boat completed the restoration, started by another shop, and has fully sorted the boat out. The bottom is a 5200 type, with no leaks. The engine is a 175 HP Chris Craft MCL model, overhauled in 2013, which is a later version of the original 158 HP MBL. It has more horsepower and 12-volt electrics.

    The boat has been shown at the Lake Tahoe Concours d’ Elegance where she garnered a 2nd place in class.

    This is a perfect boat for Tahoe with seating for 9 people and the size to handle Tahoe’s rough water.

    It comes with extensive equipment including a new waterline cover and a custom built tandem axle trailer.

    • ID: Blondie
    • Year: 1954
    • Builder: Chris Craft
    • Model: Holiday
    • Length: 24ft
    • Engine: Chris Craft MCL
    • Trailer: 2013 C Hawk
    • Price: $65,000.00
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  • 1957 Century 18ft Arabian


    1957 Century 18ft Arabian


    1957 Century 18ft Arabian.

    The 1957 Arabian is perhaps one of the best-looking Arabian’s ever built. It is estimated that 41 were produced and we have only accounted for 10 over the last 25 years. These are very rare largely because the buying public was finding utility boats, like the Resorter and Coronado, to be more usable than the traditional cockpit designs. This boat was designed to go head to head with the Chris Craft Capri. The Arabian had a great advantage over the Capri in that it was available with far more horsepower.

    This example comes with the 215 hp Ford Interceptor engine that performs well at high altitude here at Lake Tahoe. Sierra Boat did a complete restoration on this boat in the fall of 2004 and the boat has not been used since. The project started with a west system bottom for no soaking and fresh varnish all around. This boat has stunning blond Avidore decks offset by red African mahogany. The yellow and brown upholstery is the original styling and in excellent condition.

    This is a great opportunity to buy a fully restored boat at a fraction of the cost of the restoration.

    • ID: CF5455JX
    • Year: 1957
    • Builder: Century
    • Model: Arabian
    • Length: 18ft
    • Engine: Ford Interceptor, 215 hp
    • Trailer: None
    • Price: $55,000.00
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  • 1958 Century 21ft Coronado


    1958 Century 21ft Coronado


    1958 Century 21ft Coronado.

    In the world of classic boating, the name “Coronado” represents the dramatic new approach to wooden boat design that Century brought to the market for the 1955 season. The Coronado has been and will continue to be one of the ultimate family boats that is truly versatile for enjoyment, watersports or cruising.

    This Century Coronado is in excellent condition. The boat was fully restored but never used after the restoration. The varnish on the deck, hull sides and transom are in excellent condition. The fiberglass bottom is in excellent condition with no leaks. The plexiglass in the windshield is in very good condition. The upholstery and flooring are in excellent condition, looking brand new. The bilge is clean and in excellent condition as well.

    The boat is powered by a Chrysler Marine Hemi that was completely rebuilt. The engine currently has only mechanical test time on it. The boat also comes on a 2000 Custom DHM trailer that is in very good condition.

    Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to get into a completely restored classic wooden boat!

    • ID: CF9212AT
    • Year: 1958
    • Builder: Century
    • Model: Coronado
    • Length: 21ft
    • Engine: Chrysler Marine Hemi
    • Trailer: 2000 DHM Custom Trailer
    • Price: $45,000.00
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  • 2003 StanCraft 29ft Torpedo


    2003 StanCraft 29ft Torpedo


    This is a very unique 2003 StanCraft 29ft Torpedo.

    StanCraft is a well-established custom boat builder in the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho area. Stan Young began building boats in Flathead Lake, Montana in the 30’s. His most iconic design was the 22’ Torpedo model which debuted in 1945. His son, Sid, took over the company in the 60’s and moved the operation to Coeur d’Alene, where he started building “new” wooden StanCraft’s.

    You can read more about StanCraft on their website:

    The 29ft Torpedo is inspired by the 1945 design but had an up to date modern bottom with a smooth and level ride. The boat was custom built for the current and original owner and features many hardware items unique to this boat. The windshield alone is a work of art. The interior features genuine red leather upholstery.

    It is powered by an Ilmore V-10 based on the Dodge Viper engine, with only 74 original hours on it. At 550 hp, this boat is no slouch. It also features a bow thruster for easy maneuvering.  The boat has been maintained by Sierra most of its life and has always received top care.  It comes on a tandem axle trailer.

    • Year: 2003
    • Builder: StanCraft
    • Model: Torpedo
    • Length: 29ft
    • Engine: Ilmore V-10, 550 hp
    • Trailer: 2003 EZ Loader Tandem
    • Price: $197,000.00


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  • 2006 Riva 33ft Aquariva


    2006 Riva 33ft Aquariva


    2006 Riva 33ft Aquariva. In the 1950’s, under the leadership of Carlo Riva, the company known as Riva Yachts began to cultivate a very prestigious reputation. Because of their dedication to excellence, Riva became the epitome of elegance, craftsmanship and style in the boating world. Using only the finest materials assembled by the most skilled and experienced craftsmen, Carlo Riva built boats for kings and queens, sportsmen, and movie stars. A direct descendant of the most celebrated Riva of all, the mahogany Aquarama, the Aquariva carries on a boatbuilding tradition which began 168 years ago. It’s a flawless evolution of style, as the Aquariva retains that gorgeous stem-to-stern undulation of its predecessors. From the stainless-steel bow fairlead with integrated hawse to the mahogany and maple foredeck to the teak toe rails and swept windshield, it is hands down one of the world’s most elegant runabouts. Currently there are four versions of the Aquariva available; the standard Riva version, the Aquariva Super, the Aquariva Gucci, and the Aquariva by Marc Newson. All four boats are essentially the same but differ slightly in styling and details. All models come equipped with an electronically controlled two-speed gearbox which maximizes the sporting potential of the twin 380-hp Yanmar diesel engines. The engines on this vessel have less than 110.0 engine hours, which add up to a mere 10 hours per year. The agility and responsiveness of the Riva Aquariva is what makes this boat truly special, delivering fast acceleration and a top speed of up to 42 knots with a cruising speed at 36 knots. With twin engines and a bow thruster, the captain can dock this 33ft boat with ease. The standard navy-blue hull sets off the dark brightwork and contrasts beautifully with the cockpit’s creamy leather and U-shaped aft bench seating. For the captain, a leather helm chair with flip-up bolster provides standing or seated comfort. The Aquariva features a large double berth and a discreet toilet below. For entertaining, there is a pod-style mahogany table, and a wet bar and refrigerator/ice maker. Sun worshipers will appreciate the large transom sun pad, and her swim platform has a ladder for easy water access. Another feature is the electronically activated canopy, which works like a sports car’s cabriolet top. Flip a switch and the clever Bimini top shades the helm area and U-shaped seating area. This Riva has been inspected and serviced by Sierra Boat, a certified Riva dealer. The exterior mahogany wood was refinished in the fall of 2018. This boat comes on a 2004 Magic Tilt triple axle trailer. This is a great opportunity to own an Aquariva at the fraction of the cost of a new one!

    • ID: SIP SIP
    • Year: 2006
    • Builder: Riva
    • Model: Aquariva
    • Length: 33ft
    • Engine: Twin Diesel Yanmar, 380 hp ea.
    • Trailer: 2004 Custom Magic Tilt
    • Price: $380,000.00
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  • 2007 Grand-Craft 24ft Luxury Sport


    2007 Grand-Craft 24ft Luxury Sport


    2007 Grand-Craft 24ft Luxury Sport.

    Grand-Craft’s are handcrafted mahogany runabouts embodying the classic design and enduring spirit of the 20s and 30s. Grand-Craft boats are influenced by classic American design and built with every modern convenience for superior performance. After almost 40 years of building mahogany boats, Grand-Craft continues to thrive with the highest level of quality craftsmanship.

    The Luxury Sport design offers comfort, nimble handling, and ample room for day boating with friends and family. The wide beam translates into ample cockpit room; four couples can sit comfortably in the two forward seating areas and the plush bench seat across the stern welcome’s additional guests. The hull design delivers confidence in the open water when handling rough conditions. The higher freeboard makes you feel safer, yet you still feel the trill of the Luxury Sport’s outstanding performance.

    This Grand-Craft comes equipped with twin Crusader 6.0 MPI’s which offers impressive speed even at Tahoe’s high altitude. The engines have less than 40 hours on them and have been in fresh water only. The boat was built in 2007 for its current owner and has been stored and serviced by Sierra Boat since new. The boat received fresh varnish coats in the fall of 2018 and is currently in excellent condition.

    • ID: LOLA
    • Year: 2007
    • Builder: Grand-Craft
    • Model: Luxury Sport
    • Length: 24ft
    • Engine: Twin Crusader 6.0 MPI, 375 hp ea.
    • Trailer: None
    • Price: $125,000.00
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