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Riva, the name represents the finest of Italian style and craftsmanship. With a tradition of boatbuilding , spanning over 170 years, the brand has a heritage like no other.

In the 1950’s Carlo Riva set about to build series produced boats, manufactured in a state of the art factory. Nothing was compromised in the quality of their construction. Perhaps the crowning achievement of this effort was the production of the iconic Aquarama. First produced in 1962, they are the most collected and prized of any mahogany boat. These boats are often compared with Rolls Royce and Ferrari due to their high quality.

Carlo always looked for the finest materials available, which included America built marine engines and German made gauges. New designs were subject to rigorous testing, often by Carlo personally.

To this day, nothing quite performs, rides or handles quite like a Riva. They are extremely well-built and reliable. And no other mahogany boat appreciates in value like these boats do.

Sierra Boat has been importing, maintaining and restoring Riva boats since the late 70’s. Perhaps no other company in North America has as much experience with these boats as we do.

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  • 1967 Rio Super Colorado 28

    1967 Rio Super Colorado 28


    1967 Rio Super Colorado 28


    1967 Rio Super Colorado 28.

    Those extraordinary 60’s: life scenarios and “dolce vita” playing on air along with the background music of the English folk bands across the Channel, fashion designers launching mini cars and mini-skirts, non-conventional models and the beat generation born on the road….Following the echo of the economic boom, great dreams are shaping up.

    On their honeymoon on the French Riviera the young entrepreneur Luigi Scarani and his wife Anna see boats, visit harbors, returning home with a project: setting up family and shop (shipyard) on the banks of the Sebino lake. The intuition is correct: it’s the right time to dare! If it’s true that wisdom comes with age, proof is within RIO’s brand which was born along with the nautical concept.

    “Avionautica Rio” was then founded in 1961:building beautiful motorboats in mahogany with Chris Craft and Rolls-Royce engines along with striking names such as Colorado, Paranà, Bonito, Espera. Since the early 1960s, RIO boats made from mahogany have been sailing the Mediterranean to reach every market throughout Europe. These motorboats were built with great skill and wisdom during a period that culminated in an agreement with Rolls Royce to build a model carrying a V8 engine; the ultimate expression of two prestigious brands. Check out the history at Rio Yachts,

    The Rio shipyard was originally just down the street from the famed Riva shipyard. The influence of the Riva brand is evident in the Colorado, taking many styling clues from the iconic Aquarama. True to all things Italian, the Rio boats are highly crafted works of art. Rio’s should be seen as a different brand than Riva, just as Lamborghini is different from Ferrari, not inferior, just different.

    The example listed here is the only  known to exist 1967 Rio Super Colorado 28 in the US, and one of only a handful of Rio’s in this country. The “super” designation is due to the use of “big Block” engines, in this case a pair of Chrysler Marine 440’s. It is not known how many Colorado’s were built, but it is estimated that the numbers were very low, and certainly the Super is rarer still. The hull number is 035, which assumes it is the 35th built.

    Sierra Boat has been the primary caretaker of this boat, since its restoration in the mid 90’s. It has been well taken care of and was recently completely re-varnished and the engines were totally re-built.

    This is a perfect boat for Tahoe and capable of handling rough water with ease.


    . ID: La Bella Vita

    . Price : $250,000

    . Year : 1967

    . Builder : Rio Yachts

    . Model : Super Colorado

    . Length : 28′

    . Engine : Twin Chrysler 440 cu in, 330 hp

    . Trailer : 1991 V/M Custom Tandem

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  • 1966 Riva 23ft Super Ariston

    1966 Riva 23ft Super Ariston


    1966 Riva 23ft Super Ariston


    1966 Riva 23ft Super Ariston.

    The Riva Ariston is Carlo Riva’s favorite model and best represents his perfection of design. Super Ariston’s are rare with only 181 examples built.

    This boat, hull 777, was originally delivered to Naples with a Riva Crusader 320 hp engine. The current engine is a 525 hp 502 cu in engine for spectacular performance. Sierra Boat put an extra strong west system bottom on the boat to handle all this horsepower. The boat was freshly varnished , winter 2018. Zebra patterned upholstery was all the rage in the 60’s. This was stock for ’59 and ’60 models. While not standard for the 1966 model year, the owner chose to have it installed in this boat due to the recent availability of the unique material.

    This is a great opportunity to own a nicely done series II Ariston that is a blast to drive. A custom fitted trailer is included.

    • Year: 1966
    • Builder: Riva
    • Model: Ariston
    • Length: 23ft
    • Engine: 525, 502 hp
    • Trailer: Custom Trailer
    • Price: $165,000.00

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  • 1969 Riva 22ft Olympic- SOLD


    1969 Riva 22ft Olympic- SOLD


    This is a 1969 Riva 22ft Olympic.

    The Riva brand is recognized as an iconic name in the yachting world and is widely collected.  Craftsmanship, unmatchable quality and elegant lines matched with its always functional design all make up the Riva hallmark.

    Named after the Mexico Olympics of 1968, the hand built Olympic was the last proper wooden hulled boat to be designed by Cantieri Riva.  Although it continued to be produced until 1983, the majority of the 274 Olympics that were produced were built prior to 1975. The design proved to be both strong and robust, easily capable of coping with punishing sea conditions.

    This Riva Olympic, Mia Basillissa, is fully restored and in excellent condition. It is hull number 39 and is powered by a rebuilt Chris Craft 327 engine with 220 hp. The rebuilt engine has less than 100 hours on it. The boat has a new fiberglass bottom on it which makes it leak free. The varnish on the deck and hull sides is in excellent condition. The interior is in very good condition and can sit 4-6 people. The interior also folds down to create a sun pad lounge area.

    Mia Basillissa has been to many boat shows around the world and has won Awards at each one. This includes special Riva boats shows in Italy and at Florida and Lake Tahoe.

    The boat comes with a custom waterline cover, surrey top, custom Riva cushions and Riva fender covers. Also included is a 1996 DHM trailer that is in fair to good condition.

    The boat is currently in a slip in Tahoe City Marina and is ready for a new home!

    • Year: 1969
    • Builder: Riva
    • Model: Olympic
    • Length: 21’6’’
    • Engine: Chris Craft 327, 220 hp
    • Trailer: 1996 DHM
    • Price: $99,500.00
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  • 1971 Riva Super Aquarama – SOLD

    1971 Riva Super Aquarama – SOLD

    Price available upon request.

    1971 Riva Super Aquarama.

    This is one of last three Super Aquaramas constructed while Ing. Carlo Riva was in command of the Shipyard. Sold originally to an Italian, she eventually found her way to Los Angeles California where she was disassembled for refinishing in 1981. S AQ 474 remained in indoor storage, dismantled, through 1996. She was then purchased by a pair of ambitious Swedish marine engineers who fastidiously reassembled her with the information and materials available at that time. That restoration included refinishing, re-chrome plating of every component, re-upholstery, bottom service, and installation of a new pair of new 454 CID Crusader Marine engines. After completion of their refurbishing in 1998, they ran the boat only for sea trials and then put her into indoor storage. The boat was sold, in 2002, to a Client who has used the boat on Lake Tahoe ever since. All in all, S AQ 474, although built in 1971, has been in storage for 20 years, or for nearly half of it life!

    In 2013/14 S AQ 474 received a complete restoration. This included a new bottom and required related components, complete strip & refinish, and upholstery. Correct Riva materials were used throughout the entire process.  Also installed was a modern stereo w/MP3 compatibility, concealed within the cabin.

    At the 2014 Tahoe Concourse d’Elegance, Teresa won 1st Place in Class, and Best Riva in Show.

    Today, S AQ 474 is as close to perfection as possible, and now available for immediate use.

    Of course, TERESA has the Riva standard equipment; chrome water ski pole, bathing ladder, sun cushions, cabin cushions, Riva tool kit, Riva boat hook, stern flag pole w/flag, etc. Also included is a complete Riva sun canopy w/poles, mooring cover, and a custom tandem axle trailer.

    • ID: TERESA
    • Year: 1971
    • Builder: Riva
    • Model: Super Aquarama
    • Length: 28ft
    • Engine: Twin Riva Crusader 454, 350 hp ea.
    • Trailer: Tandem Axle
    • Price: Upon Request

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  • 1972 Riva 23ft Super Ariston – SOLD


    1972 Riva 23ft Super Ariston – SOLD


    This is a 1972 Riva 23ft Super Ariston.

    The Riva Ariston is the most popular speedboat designed by Inq. Carlo Riva. The Ariston had 1,012 units produced for more than 20 years making it the longest running model of wooden Riva production. This boat is the SUPER model which only 181 were produced making them rare and hard to find.

    This Riva Super Ariston is hull number 984 and was one of the last ones built. The decks are brand new and in excellent condition. The bottom was replaced in Italy in the early 2000’s. The boat is powered by a 454 crate engine and the seller still has the original 427 but it is deteriorating from salt and age and was determined to be not worth rebuilding. The rebuilt engine has about one hour on it for testing.

    This Riva comes on a custom trailer and has a new custom sunbrella waterline cover. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to own a Riva Super Ariston!

    For the full history of Riva Super Ariston’s, please click on the link below:

    • ID: CF1412ND
    • Year: 1972
    • Builder: Riva
    • Model: Super Ariston
    • Length: 23ft
    • Engine: 454
    • Trailer: Custom Trailer
    • Price: $180,000.00
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  • 1975 Pedrazzini 28ft Super Aquamar – SOLD


    1975 Pedrazzini 28ft Super Aquamar – SOLD


    This is a 1975 Pedrazzini 28ft Super Aquamar made in Switzerland.

    While Riva may be the Mercedes Benz of classic boats, Pedrazzini is the exclusive Bentley/Rolls Royce of the class. In fact, the Chairmen of Porsche/Audi/Bentley captains a Pedrazzini Special identical to this one that is available.

    Here is some information from Pedrazzini’s website.

    Pedrazzini runabouts: crafted from the most exquisite materials with great skill and extreme patience.

    Pedrazzini has been committed to the art of boat building for over 100 years. As in the good old days, the company’s mahogany runabouts are crafted by hand. Step by step, the individual elements are meticulously finished and assembled. It can take up to nine months to complete a single runabout. Each boat that leaves the yard reflects Pedrazzini’s dedication to quality, attention to detail, and flair for timelessly elegant styling.

    The Super Aquamar is similar to the more famous Riva Aquarama. Sierra Boat has done significant refurbishing on this boat. We recently re-powered the boat with fuel injected 5.7 L Mercruiser engines. This is a great boat for Lake Tahoe and easily handles Tahoe’s rough water.


    • ID: PICO II
    • Year: 1975
    • Builder: Pedrazzini
    • Model: Aquamar
    • Length: 28ft
    • Engine: Twin 5.7L Mercrusiers
    • Trailer: None
    • Price: $250,000.00

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  • Riva 31ft St. Tropez

    1978 Riva 31ft St. Tropez


    1978 Riva 31ft St. Tropez


    1978 Riva 31ft St Tropez.

    Hull number 119 out of 317 built. This boat was completely re-built in 2004. Only 25 hours on the engines since re-build. New plumbing and wiring and all new upholstery. It comes on a custom fitted trailer. The Riva St Tropez 31ft was one of the earliest fiberglass Riva’s built and was intended to be a fiberglass alternative to the wood Aquarama. The hull was designed by famed Italian naval architect Sonny Levi. The styling was done by Riva design chief Georgio Barilani. The look remains as modern today as it did 40 years ago. These boats have wonderful functionality with a useful, small cuddy under the front deck and Riva’s famous “playpen” at the stern. The transom features built-in steps for easy access to the water. The Levi designed hull will eat up the roughest water.

    To quote the 1978 Riva catalog, “An advanced design in the wake of the traditional Riva prestige. Swift moving, inebriating runs breasting the waves, exciting slaloms, little cruising’s. The St. Tropez is the prompt answer to every requirement either unforeseen or planned. Sea kind waterlines, a great sun lounge and a day cruiser interior. Functional, handy and reliable: the St. Tropez is destined to equal the everlasting success of the Aquarama.”

    This is a great opportunity to own a Riva for a fraction of the price of an Aquarama.

    • ID: CRUZ
    • Year: 1978
    • Builder: Riva
    • Model: St Tropez
    • Length: 31ft
    • Engine: Twin Riva Crusader 350’s
    • Trailer: 2000 DHM Tandem Axle
    • Price: $72,500.00
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  • Riva Aquariva 33

    2006 Riva Aquariva 33


    2006 Riva Aquariva 33


    2006 Riva Aquariva 33

    In the 1950’s, under the leadership of Carlo Riva, the company known as Riva Yachts began to cultivate a very prestigious reputation. Because of their dedication to excellence, Riva became the epitome of elegance, craftsmanship and style in the boating world. Using only the finest materials assembled by the most skilled and experienced craftsmen, Carlo Riva built boats for kings and queens, sportsmen, and movie stars.

    A direct descendant of the most celebrated Riva of all, the mahogany Aquarama, the Aquariva carries on a boatbuilding tradition which began 168 years ago. It’s a flawless evolution of style, as the Aquariva retains that gorgeous stem-to-stern undulation of its predecessors. From the stainless-steel bow fairlead with integrated hawse to the mahogany and maple foredeck to the teak toe rails and swept windshield, it is hands down one of the world’s most elegant runabouts.

    Currently there are four versions of the Riva Aquariva 33 available; the standard Riva version, the Aquariva Super, the Aquariva Gucci, and the Aquariva by Marc Newson. All four boats are essentially the same but differ slightly in styling and details. All models come equipped with an electronically controlled two-speed gearbox which maximizes the sporting potential of the twin 380-hp Yanmar diesel engines. The engines on this vessel have less than 110.0 engine hours, which add up to a mere 10 hours per year. The agility and responsiveness of the Riva Aquariva is what makes this boat truly special, delivering fast acceleration and a top speed of up to 42 knots with a cruising speed at 36 knots. With twin engines and a bow thruster, the captain can dock this 33ft boat with ease. See

    The standard navy-blue hull sets off the dark brightwork and contrasts beautifully with the cockpit’s creamy leather and U-shaped aft bench seating. For the captain, a leather helm chair with flip-up bolster provides standing or seated comfort. The Riva Aquariva 33  features a large double berth and a discreet toilet below. For entertaining, there is a pod-style mahogany table, and a wet bar and refrigerator/ice maker. Sun worshipers will appreciate the large transom sun pad, and her swim platform has a ladder for easy water access. Another feature is the electronically activated canopy, which works like a sports car’s cabriolet top. Flip a switch and the clever Bimini top shades the helm area and U-shaped seating area.

    This Riva has been inspected and serviced by Sierra Boat, a certified Riva dealer. The exterior mahogany wood was refinished in the fall of 2018. This boat comes on a 2004 Magic Tilt triple axle trailer.

    This is a great opportunity to own an Aquariva at the fraction of the cost of a new one!

    • ID: SIP SIP
    • Year: 2006
    • Builder: Riva
    • Model: Aquariva
    • Length: 33ft
    • Engine: Twin Diesel Yanmar, 380 hp ea.
    • Trailer: 2004 Custom Magic Tilt
    • Price: $380,000.00

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