31 Aug

1946 Glazer E Class Service Runabout

1946 Glazer E Class Service Runabout

1946 Glazer E Class Service Runabout. The Immediate post war years, boat racing really took off. The American Powerboat Association (APBA), Had a number of racing classes and among them was the E Class Service Runabout. The rules of this class dictated that it be no longer than 16’8″ long, weigh no more than 1,750 lbs, be able to carry a driver and a passenger and have an engine no larger than 255 Cu In. Typically made of marine plywood they could reach speeds of up to 60MPH. This boat is consider a “vintage” racer under APBA rules. For more about this class, go to: http://vintagehydroplanes.com/apba_history/speed_records/service_runabout.html

Baby Live Wires was constructed by John (Pops) Glazier, who was a well respected builder of small racing boats. Baby Live Wires was raced in the Buffalo, NY area in the early years. This boat recently received fresh varnish all around as well as some engine freshening and a complete re-wiring. The engine features Offenhauser aluminum heads and an Offy intake with duel Stomberg 97s. It also has a mallory electronic distubutor. It is ready for vintage racing or the show boat circuit.

  • Year : 1946
  • Price : $52,000
  • Builder : Glazier
  • Length : 16′ 8″
  • Trailer :
  • Model : E-Class Service Runabout
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